2023 AEW Trading Cards (Blaster)
The 2023 edition includes a 100-card base set consisting of four subsets – Wrestlers, Tag Teams, Crew and the all-new All in the Family. Each card in the All in the Family subset features AEW members who are related to each other. Collect up to four parallels of the complete base set and two parallels of the Wrestlers, Tag Teams, & Crew cards, highlighted by the Auto and Mat parallels, as well as the Blaster & Fat Pack-exclusive Diamond Plate (new!) and Green Pyro (#d to 399) parallels!

Product Overview:

Box Configuration

  • 7 packs per box
  • 8 cards per pack


  • Look for one Orange Dazzler insert per box, on average
  • Look for Blaster Exclusive Diamond Plate & Green Pyro parallels!

Product Checklists: