Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game – Defenders of Neopia Booster Box
Step into the enchanting world of Neopia with Neopets Battledome Trading Card Game, where the magic of your favorite virtual pets comes to life onto tabletop! Players will immerse themselves in thrilling fast-paced gameplay by combining strategy, endless possibilities, and the beloved characters from Neopia. Collect over 250 cards in this set of Neopets Battledome TCG. Both new and seasoned TCG players will enjoy this new take on a trading card game with its unique dice battle mechanic and eye-catching design. Gather Neopets, collect your favorite cards, challenge opponents in head-to-head battles, and let the adventure begin! The Defenders of Neopia Booster Box comes with 24 packs, featuring 8 cards per pack. Each pack will contain 2 foil cards and the chance to pull a redeemable item with the Grundo Warehouse code cards (average 1 per box).   Click Here to learn more about the game!

Product Overview:

Box Contents:

  • 24 Packs
  • 8 Cards per Pack

Pack Contents:

  • 3 Common
  • 1 Common/Rare/Codestone Foil
  • 1 Super Rare or Higher
  • 2 Rare
  • 1 Codestone

Product Highlights:

  • Ultra Rare Cards featuring Faerie, Legend, and Equipment
  • Rainbow Pool Rare Neopets
  • Foil Variants of Legend, Equipment, Codestone, Faerie, Paint Brush, Food, and Potion cards
  • Grundo Warehouse Cards – Virtual Codes to redeem on

Product Checklists: