2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 Trading Cards (Starter Kit)

Upper Deck’s flagship product – 2020-21 Upper Deck Series 1 Trading Cards (Starter Kit) – sports a 250-card regular set to collect which includes 198 base cards, 49 Young Guns cards & three checklist cards. Don’t forget to collect the Young Guns cards! They are the most anticipated rookie cards of the year and scouts are buzzing about the 2020-21 class, labeling several prospects as “elite.”

Another favorite among collectors, the UD Canvas insert returns featuring a collection of the top stars in the game today along with the best of the Young Guns!

New Insert! Our newest insert, Dazzlers, is a brightly-colored 50-card collection of full-bodied active stars popped-out (no background) on patterned foilboard.

Product Overview

  • Breakdown
  • Inserts and Autographs
  • Bounty Program
  • Product Checklists

2020-21 UD1 Starter Kit includes:

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For many die-hard collectors, there is no greater thrill than getting out and attending a sports card and memorabilia show. You can find Upper Deck at sporting events like The National Sports Collectors Convention, The Sports Cards & Memorabilia Expo, GenCon, ComicCon and many more. Take a look at some sample activities that Upper Deck brings to fans at these trade shows.

Many retail stores also carry trading cards. While some of these products can be found in a section near the checkout register, many of the larger stores have expanded sections devoted entirely to trading cards and collectibles.