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2024 Threads Mystery Box

- Each box contains one randomly inserted Autographed Jersey or Polo and corresponding certificate of authenticity card -...


Upper Deck Marvel Studios Moon Knight

Marvel Studios' Moon Knight has escaped the chaos and phased on to Upper Deck e-Pack®! The 90-card digital Base Set...


2022-23 Marvel Annual Trading Cards (Blaster)

2022-2023 Marvel Annual celebrates a full year in comics. Contents include canvas variants cover, sparkling foil, and Crystal...


2023 Goodwin Champions

150-card Base Set features a fresh design & some of the greatest athletes in the world. The set features 100 regular cards...


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What's New at Upper Deck

Halo: The Series, Season One on Upper Deck e-Pack

Suit up, Spartans! It’s time to collect the Halo: The Series, Season One trading cards, available exclusively on Upper Deck e-Pack. Adapted from the popular Halo video game franchise, the Paramount+ original television series follows John-117, known as the Master Chief, in the battle against the alien force known as the Covenant. Relive key moments […]

Marvel Flair Artist Blog: Simone Bianchi, Nahuel Grego, Meghan Hetrick, Tom Morgan, David Palumbo, Casey Parsons and Jonathan Wayshak

Find Your Local Hobby Shop: The Marvel Flair brand features some of the most iconic moments in Marvel’s publishing history and has been a staple to collectors for the past three decades. With a new iteration now out on store shelves, collectors can expect inserts that ooze with nostalgia as well as card technology that continues to […]

An Unconventional Approach: The Vegas Golden Knights and the NHL Draft

The Vegas Golden Knights® have achieved a level of early success that has not been matched throughout the NHL’s post-expansion era as the franchise needed only six seasons to win the Stanley Cup. While many teams become champions by building around their draft picks, this club has defied conventionality by often leveraging those picks into […]