Contact Upper Deck

Customer Service Contact Information

Address: 2251 Rutherford Road
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Phone: 1-800-873-7332
Fax: 1-760-929-6548

For Dealers needing sales help, please contact the following:

Hobby Trading Cards: Jerri Wortman at or (888) 752-9832
Memorabilia Sales: Dianne Hatley at or (760) 929.4878
Hobby Trading Cards: Jessica Clark at or (760) 583-9608

Media Contact Information

The following is contact information for members of the media only.
For more information about Upper Deck please contact:

Chris Carlin
Hobby Sports Media
(760) 929-3159

For Charity or Donation inquiries please call (760) 929-4876. Thank You.

For all other inquiries please call Upper Deck Customer Service at (800) 873-7332,


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