Upper Deck’s ‘World of Sport’ Returns With Top Stars from All Sports and ‘Evolution’ Video Cards

New ‘World of Sport’ set features ‘Evolution’ video cards of basketball stars like Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and more!

Carlsbad, CA (March 2, 2012) – One of the surprise hits of last year’s trading card releases was Upper Deck’s “World of Sport” product as it offered collectors a unique pack opening experience with star athletes from basketball, baseball, swimming, skiing, ice hockey, figure skating, golf, lacrosse and mixed martial arts. The set has returned arriving in stores last week and it offers the same great diversity of top tier athletes, but mixes in some unique surprises like Evolution video cards as well.

Boasting a bigger base set than last year, Upper Deck’s “World of Sport” set features 400 cards from athletes like Nolan Ryan, Don Mattingly and Mike Schmidt from baseball; LeBron James, Michael Jordan and Jimmer Fredette from basketball; Bo Jackson, Drew Brees and Cam Newton from football; Sidney Crosby, Wayne Gretzky and Mario Lemieux from hockey. Mix in other stars from soccer, golf, horse racing, mixed martial arts, track & field, lacrosse, extreme sports, racing and even dog sledding and you get the feel that Upper Deck’s “World of Sport” set is really a different kind of trading card release.

“No other company but Upper Deck could provide sports fans with such an amazingly diverse checklist of sports stars to collect,” said Jason Masherah, Upper Deck vice president of Marketing & Business Development. “And nowhere else can fans find such an assorted set of innovative insert cards from these stars to collect like signature cards, apparel cards, ‘Shadowbox’ trading cards and the ‘Evolution’ video trading cards.”

That’s right! The “Evolution” video trading cards made their debut last season in football, but these innovative inserts take on the hard court. Lucky collectors may find “Evolution” basketball video trading cards of superstars like Michael Jordan, Chris Paul and more inserted into new boxes of Upper Deck’s “World of Sport.” This is the first-ever video trading card ever for Michael Jordan showing 60 seconds of highlight footage from college action. Interest in these cards seems high with packs selling for anywhere from $100-$200 in the secondary market. These cards can be found 1:72 packs at hobby and 1:138 packs at retail.

Upper Deck’s new “World of Sport” set is currently available in stores now and each hobby box includes 20 packs with six cards per pack. Collectors can find three autographs or apparel cards in each box on average.

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