Upper Deck Launches 2011 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball Set

Features a cut signature on every card from 91 Hall of Famers with every card hand-numbered to less than 40!

Carlsbad, CA (June 3, 2011) – With the 2011 professional baseball season entering its third month of play, the Upper Deck Company is excited to releases its first baseball-themed trading card set since January 2010. The 200-card regular set – 2011 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball – features an impressive array of the greatest ballplayers of all time!


“We’re extremely excited about this particular release,” said Grant Sandground, Upper Deck’s product manager. “Collectors have been waiting more than a year for Upper Deck to pack out another baseball set, so here it is. We’ve included something for almost every level of set collector and with cut signatures from historical icons like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig, this release will surely ignite a whirlwind of activity in the marketplace.”

In addition to the “Legendary Cuts” base set, which sports hand-numbered cut signatures on every card, are two more dynamic sets for hardcore hobbyists: “Legendary Black Cuts,” a 400-card insert set that focuses on the greatest baseball franchises of all time including an unprecedented 75 different Bronx Bombers; and “Exquisite Cuts,” a 100-card insert collection that includes the greatest lineup of baseball legends ever such as Ty Cobb, Lou Gehrig, Nap Lajoie, Walter Johnson, Honus Wagner, Babe Ruth, Abner Doubleday and Jackie Robinson. All cuts in the latter set have been hand-numbered to five (5) or less!

The base set alone features 91 Hall of Famers including Roberto Clemente, Cobb, Ruth, Wagner and Robinson. Each of the base set cuts have been numbered to 35 or less. The Legendary Black Cuts collection, hand-numbered to 40 or less, delivers the greatest franchises of all time with superstars from the 1923 World Champions (Joe Dugan, Waite Hoyt, Bob Shawkey and Whitey Witt, fellow New York championship foursomes from 1956 like Hank Bauer, Billy Martin, Casey Stengel and Tom Sturdivant and additional great teams from St. Louis, Brooklyn, Cleveland, the Negro Leagues, and more.


Amongst the base set and Legendary Black Cuts checklists, an unprecedented 28 subjects had trading cards featured within the touchstone T-206 set!

Additional highlights include unbelievable “themed” cuts appearing on multi-players cards. There’s an eight-cut “1927 Murderers’ Row” card that sports cut signatures from Earle Combs, Mark Koenig, Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig, Bob Meusel, Tony Lazzeri, Joe Dugan and Pat Collins; an “All-Time Greats Home Run Kings” triple-cut card (Hank Aaron, Ruth and Barry Bonds); and a six-cut “All-Time Greats – Negro League” card that includes Ray Dandridge, Leon Day, Judy Johnson and Satchel Paige.

But wait, there’s more. Much more! Collectors will be thrilled to find “Historical Cut” signature cards including single-signed “Presidential Emblem” folding book cards that feature cut signatures of all 43 U.S. Presidents alongside a woven Presidential seal (Grover Cleveland served two non-consecutive terms). All of the cards are hand-numbered to five copies or less. Even “First Couple” dual-cuts cards, numbered to two or less, are part of the mix as duos like John F. Kennedy and Jackie Onassis are spotlighted along with Ronald and Nancy Reagan, Gerald and Betty Ford, and Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter. Beyond American politics, Upper Deck has also secured cut signatures from overseas as “Royal Couple” dual-cut cards make their debuts on 1-of-1 folding book cards pinpointing royal subjects such as Princess Grace of Monaco and Prince Rainier, Prince Charles and Princess Diana, and Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II.

Upper Deck’s 2011 SP Legendary Cuts Baseball set boasts one card per pack, one pack per box, and is available on store shelves now.

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